How long until I see results?

  • Most people begin to see results using instantly, in the texture and softness of the hair. Customer begin to notice growth within two weeks of using I am Simply Natural products. 

How do I know which mask or bundle is best for my hair?

  • Dry/Damaged/Frizzy Hair – use a heavy, intensely moisturizing and conditioning mask to hydrate and nourish your strands. Keratin-based hair masks can also be helpful to heal your hair 
  • Limp/Thin/Flat Hair – use a mask that contains plenty of proteins, as this will add strength to your hair 
  • Curly Hair – use a mask that features plenty of natural oils, including argan, avocado and coconut, as these will smooth and define your curls 

How do I use/apply the hair mask?

How do I use/apply the oils?

  • Section your hair off into 4  sections.
  • Apply the oils directly to the scalp and hair 
  • Massage the oil from the root to tip, combing after with a wide-tooth comb to ensure even distribution and to prevent tangles. Massage your scalp with your fingertips.
  • Place a shower cap over your saturated hair for 30 mins to an hour. 
  • Optional: Sit under a dryer for 30 mins. This will allow the oils to quickly penetrate the hair follicle.
  •  Wash your hair thoroughly.
How do I use the powders?
  • Mix the individual powders with the Whole Herb Leave-in Conditioner or conditioner of your choice, until you reach a paste like consistency. (Think Mayonnaise)

How long is the processing time?

  • I am Simply Natural has a 3 to 5 day processing time. Please note that this does NOT include WEEKENDS or HOLIDAYS. Once your order has completed processing, it will then be shipped via the transit method selected at checkout. 

How long is shipping/transit?

  • Standard Shipping : 3-5 Business Days 
  • Expedited Shipping : 2-3 Business Days 

Are I am Simply Natural product organic?

  • Yes! All of I am Simply Natural's products are made or derived of natural and organic ingredients. 

Are I am Simply Natural products handmade?

  • Yes! All of I am Simply Natural's products are handmade with love and care. 

Can I am Simply Natural products be used on colored or treated hair?

  • Yes! All of our products can be used on colored or treated hair. Our products are natural and do not contain any harmful ingredients that make strip the hair. Choose a hair mask that fits your hair needs. In fact, hair masks can be particularly beneficial for those who regularly dye their hair. How? Due to the way in which it helps your hair to retain moisture. Try using a mask at least two weeks before coloring your hair, and then continue using one on a weekly basis. You will likely notice that not only does your hair color last for longer, but its vibrancy and shine will be so much stronger too. 

Can I return or exchange products? 

  • NO! Due to the natural of the product that we sale, ALL SALES ARE FINAL! However, if it is a proven mistake of I am Simply Natural we are happy to resolve the matter. Contact Customer Service at iamsimplynatural@gmail.com