Authentic Ancient African Chebe Powder

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Your gorgeous kinky/coily hair needs a lot of attention, and hydration is number one. Sealing in moisture can be a struggle, but not with our mask! This mask was created to not only moisturize and condition but also lock-in moisture, strengthening your strands, root to tip. With the power of Chebe powder, and the proper ingredients to activate the mask, your hair will be deeply penetrated, strand by strand, to ensure the thirst of your follicles are quenched.

5 Chebe Powder Benefits

  • Chebe powder moisturizes and conditions the hair. It also strengthens the hair and helps lock in moisture for longer.
  • Chebe powder can also improve the density of fine hair and give hair an appearance of thickness over time.
  • Chebe powder is an all natural powder that nourishes the follicles.
  • If your hair has a hard time retaining moisture, chebe powder could be especially beneficial in this regard.
  • Though chebe powder is recommended for 4C hair, it should work for type 3A – 4B hair as well.

Chebe Powder  Ingredients

Chebe powder consist primarily of the following ingredients:-

  • Lavender croton
  • Prunus Mahaleb  (Cherry plant)
  • Misic – used for fragrance
  • Mastic gum
  • Sudanese Khumra Perfume oil
  • Cloves

Chebe Powder Application Method 1

Water is applied to the hair followed by the chebe powder. An appropriate oil or pomade is then layered over the chebe powder.

After working the oil or pomade through, the hair is then braided up. After 3 – 5 days, the treatment is repeated without washing out the previous application.   

Chebe Powder Application Method 2

Another variation of this is mixing 100 gms of your favorite hair oil with 100 gms of your hair favorite natural butter and 1 teaspoon of chebe powder then applying to wet hair before braiding up.